Who we are

Ā mātou mahi

Who we are

We help prevent injuries, and get New Zealanders and visitors back to everyday life if they’ve had an accident.

ACC stands for Accident Compensation Corporation.

We help prevent injuries and get New Zealanders and visitors back to everyday life if they’ve had an accident.

We have a long history in New Zealand. ACC was created in 1974 under the guidance of Sir Owen Woodhouse, and we've continued to evolve ever since.

What we do

Our country's accident insurance scheme is unique. There’s no other scheme in the world like it.

Whether you live in New Zealand or are visiting from abroad, if you're injured, we cover the cost of treatment, rehabilitation or compensation.

We care about the wellbeing of everyone in New Zealand and through the levies you pay, we provide support to those who need it.

We work closely with health providers to  make sure that those who are injured receive the right treatment. We partner with organisations and community groups across the country to help prevent injuries from happening. But we're here as a safety net if they do.

Take a more in-depth look at who we are and how we operate.

What we do

What levies are and why we pay them

All New Zealanders pay levies in different ways. This may be through your income, business revenues, petrol, your vehicle registration (rego) or through government funding.

If someone in New Zealand has an accident and we cover their injury, we use this money to help pay for and support their recovery. This includes treatment, health, rehabilitation and support services, loss of income or financial help and injury prevention in the community.

See what your levies pay for.

What your levies pay for

$40 billion
Size of ACC's investment portfolio to cover the future costs of injuries to date

What we cover

Our no-fault scheme covers everyone, including visitors, who are injured in an accident in New Zealand. It includes events that result in mass casualties. The scheme covers children, beneficiaries, students, if you’re working, unemployed, or retired. 

Your injury must be because of an accident. We won't cover things like illness or conditions from ageing.

In 2018, a typical day for ACC meant:

There were

hours of care provided to New Zealanders who need it.

We received

new claims.

There were

New Zealanders with serious injuries cared for.

If you're injured in an accident, make sure you go and see your doctor or health provider first. They can make a claim for you. Claims can be made up to 12 months after your injury. We may still consider claims made after this time if there’s a good reason for the claim not being made sooner.

Find out more about what we do and don’t cover:

What we cover

What we don’t cover

About the Newsroom

Our Newsroom was launched in June 2019. It gives us an interactive way to engage with the New Zealand public, and with the media.

Our ambition is to help build a stronger understanding in New Zealand about what ACC does. Through the Newsroom we want to share stories about how we contribute to the wellbeing of New Zealand and its visitors.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have a story to contribute, please contact the team on newsroom@acc.co.nz.

More information about us

For more information about ACC, check out the About us section.

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