MyACC (injuries and support)

MyACC is a new way for you to access and manage information about your injuries and supports online. 

Piloting MyACC

Right now we're piloting MyACC with a pre-selected group. It's available by invitation only. 

We’re in the process of testing our new tool to make sure it’s the best it can be when we roll it out widely to everyone.

 Business customers and agents can use MyACC for Business to manage their levies online. 
MyACC for Business

If you've received an invitation
Go to MyACC (injuries and support)

There is a range of things you can do via MyACC and we’re continuing to add more.

So far, if you're participating in the pilot, you can:

  • manage your profile, eg contact details and personal details
  • view:
    • details about your claim, eg injury type, diagnosis updates, initial treatment provider
    • ACC and case owner contact details
  • apply for:
    • weekly  compensation and view information about past and upcoming payments
    • taxi pre-approvals
  • request:
    • home help
    • basic equipment, eg shower stools
    • travel reimbursement
    • a call-back from ACC
  • submit pharmaceutical expenses for a refund
More information
Contact us

We have a dedicated MyACC team to answer your questions and help you with anything MyACC-related.

Contact us if you:

  • want to know more about the pilot
  • have a question about MyACC
  • are participating and want to give us feedback.

Call 0800 222 174